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Locksmith Plays Key Role In Home Invasion

Wednesday, November 11th, 2015

home invasion and break in are on a rise in Palos Verdes CA. Criminal use “bump key” tools &  technique which can be purchased easily  all over the internet. ordinary home locks can be easily picked open or ‘bumped” without any noise, making the break in easy and almost silent.

Lazimi Lock & Key has been service Palos verdes for more than 40 years. due to the rise of home invasion we highly recommended HIGH SECURITY LOCKS for maximum security against lock picking, lock bumping and unauthorized key duplication.  upgrade your locks Today.

High Security Mul-T-Lock Padlock

Saturday, October 10th, 2015

High Performance,High Security Padlocks From Mul-T-Lock

Mul-T-Lock high security NE padlock offer high efficiency and high security while maintaining the high performance and serviceability associated with Mul-T-Lock padlock.

Protect your home with High Security KEYS

Thursday, June 25th, 2015

why chose high security locks?

common key can be copy easily in thousands of hardware store across the country putting your home or business in the wrong hands.
all common keys can be duplicate by writing down the number stamp on the key and cut a key at any lock shop. No authorization or identification needed in order the copy the key.
High security keys gives you the ultimate protection against unauthorized key duplication.
High security locks gives you physical protection against bumping, drilling, picking and other physical attacks.
you in control of how many keys out there and how many key can be copy in the future.
100% key control even when your keys leave your sight. impossible for someone to duplicate your keys without your knowledge.

Torrance Airport Lock Change

Friday, February 13th, 2015

Lazimi Lock & Key provide lock and key service to the aviation community in Torrance CA Airport. When it comes to secure you valuable air plane Lazimi locksmith can provide maximum security using High Security Locks which will give your storage facility maximum security against unlawful entry. we are an authorized dealer for the high security Mul-T-Lock deadbolt and hardware. locks and cylinder are pick and drill resistant and key duplication is restricted the the owner only.we recently installed High security commercial grade 1 lever lock on metal door and we added reinforcement guard plate to eliminate the ease of break in and prying the door.

Mul-T-lock Cylinder

Mul-T-lock Cylinder

High Security Padlock

Saturday, November 15th, 2014

Lazimi locksmith Torrance is an Authorized Dealer for the High Security Mul-T-Lock products. the Mul-T-Lock high security E- series padlocks is the leading product in the industry. Extra Heavy Duty design for the highest level of padlocks protection in the market.the padlock gives you pick and drill resistant for high security needs.the body is case hardened steel, the shackle is hardened boron  alloy steel.this padlock is available in weather resistant code and with protected shackle. all padlocks comes with the unique Mul-T-Lock keys for maximum security.

Digital DOOR Viewer By Mul-T-Lock

Saturday, September 20th, 2014

Lazimi lock & key stock and install the new Mul-T-Lock Digital Door Viewer.

Mul-T-Lock new digital door viewer fits on most existing peephole the new wireless digital viewer comes with door bell and image and video recording. The unit has a built in camera allowed you to see who is at your door. anyone who approach the door and ring the bell automatically capture by a built in camera whether you are at home or not .
easy to operate especially for elderly and children .
it’s like giving you a surveillance protection on your door .
easy to use, easy to install, battery operated, automatic image capture.

Mul-T-Lock Captive Dead Bolt

Friday, February 17th, 2012

mul-t-lock captive dead bolt bring you the option of using one lock as a single side dead bolt or as a double side dead bolt. this mul-t-lock fits residential and commercial doors.

high security locks by Mul-T-Lock

all locks are drill and pick resistant. telescopic pin tumblers and plugs are picking resistant. hardened steel inserts and steel ball bearing are drill resistant.

no unauthorized key duplication. only authorized Mul-T-Lock dealers have the keys and copies are only available from a certified Mul-T-Lock representative upon presenting the key card.

Temporary Lock Out Cylinders By MUL-T-LOCK

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011



patented INTERACIVE key with control systems.
the locks are Pick & Drill Resistant.
Temper Resistant
Lifetime Mechanical Warranty

Temporary Lockout cylinders by Mul-T-Lock gives you the ability to change your own key every time you need to prevent someone from having accsess to your home or business.

the systems come with three dots keys : GREEN , BLUE , RED

the TLO is based on an innovative concept incorporating three keys: a blue key for ordinary use; a red lockout key, which, when turned in the cylinder, makes the door inaccessible to all blue keys; and a green reversal key, which reverses the red key effect, making the door accessible once more to regular blue keys.

Lazimi Lock & Key is an authorized MUL-T-LOCK dealer
we offer discount prices on all Mul-T-Lock produts

Mul-T-Lock new dead bolt

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Mul-T-Lock is introducing the all new and improved Grade 2 Deadbolt. This enhanced and stylish

grade 2 design offers medium-duty deadbolt security for residential and commercial applications.

Supplied with Mul-T-Lock lazy tail key in knob cylinders and available in both single cylinder and double

cylinder models, the all new Grade 2 Deadbolt provides convenient and affordable protection.

Applications: Ideal for light duty commercial and heavy duty residential applications that require grade 2

physical security coupled with patented key control and/or pick, drill and bump resistance


Materials: Body & Plug-brass. Pins-nickel silver & stainless steel. Bolt-brass with hardened steel

Mechanism: 10 telescopic pin tumbler system, Drill resistant protective shield, Hardened steel reinforced bolt

Operation: 1” throw bolt—thrown and retracted by key on outside or thumb-turn on inside

Standards: ANSI Grade 2 hardware, UL 437 listed cylinder for drill and pick resistance, UL Fire Rated Bolt


Finishes: PVD Brass (605/PVD), Polished Stainless Steel (US32), Brushed Stainless Steel (US32D)

Bolt: Adjustable bolt for 2 3/4” or 2 3/8” backset

Door Thickness: 1 3/8” (35mm) to 1 3/4” (45mm)

Cylinder: KW-KIKSH-XX / Platforms: MT5®+ (extended patent), Interactive® (patented), Classic, Garrison

Key Type: Nylon Head, Metal Head (for Interactive & Classic Only)

Keying: A (alike), D (different), M (master), T (temporary lockout), S (sub-assembled), 3 in 1 (changeable)

Lazimi Locksmith is a Mul-T-Lock authorized dealer in los angeles and the south bay.please contact us with any questions

Mul-T-Lock Fire King

Monday, February 9th, 2009

The new MUL-T-Lock FireKing  file cabinet cylinder is the only high security solution that allows the full integration of FireKing  file cabinet locks into Mul-T-Lock keyed different,keyed alike or master keyed systems.before now,securing most FireKing products meant the requirement of an entirely separate key and the inability to incorporate FireKing products into an existing high security key system.Mul-T-Lock’s solution gives you ultimate control and convenience so you can offer a product that operates with the same key design as the rest of the Mul-t-Lock product line.

Lazimi locksmith is an authorized dealer for Mul-T-Lock high security products. We carry the full line of the Mul-T-Lock cylinders,dead bolts,keys to comply with all of your security needs.

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