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Revolution Touchscreen digital lock

Friday, May 9th, 2014

when looking for an entry keyless lock in Torrance ca, Lazimi Locksmith Torrance carry and install the new touchscreen revolution stand alone lock. the Arrow Revolution Touchscreen lock can be use as a lever entry lock or as a deadbolt.the touchscreen lock combines the functional element of a cylindrical lockset with the latest technology designed for electronic aesthetics.

Revolution touchscreen locks is recommended for healthcare facilities,offices,retail environments,family,hospitality,government facilities,scroll environment ,as well as all residential exterior and interior doors.

using state of the art touchscreen technology,end users can easily grant access for up to 25 individual users without the need to distribute and keep track of multiple keys.

multilingual voice guided technology allow for hassle free programming without a need for bulky manuals.

the Arrow touchscreen revolution lock is the modern,ideal solution for your keyless entry needs.

codelock CL355K

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

Lazimi Locksmith palos verdes recently install the codelock cl355k locks on exterior metal gate in palos verdes. the tubular mechanical push button lock need no battery and it’s a great choice for all gates require an emergency panic exit from the outside. this access control gate lock has an an overwrite key as well and will suit any door. the 13 buttons provide over 8, 000 possible combinations all of which can be entered in any sequence with no use of battery.

Revolution Touchscreen Key Pad Lock by AArow

Monday, May 6th, 2013

Lazimi lock and Key proud to announce the stand alone key pad lock for residential ,business and commercial doors application. The Revolution lever lock is great for residential use who need key less access  with touch of a button. each lock can be use with a single code or multiple user codes. the set up is easy and the code numbers can be change easily. the revolution has a voice guided touch screen for easy set up and use. it’s great for residential homes , apartment and condo where you can eliminate the use of a key and avoid lock out situation  by using touch screen code numbers. it’s also used and recommended in hospitals, healthcare facilities ,government offices, school and retail stores.

please stop by at our show room in Torrance for a free demonstration and pricing

• UL listed for use on fire doors

• ADA compliant levers

• Install lock and latch with only 5 screws

• Optional Key Override – Uses standard Arrow cylinders

available in AR and schlage,mul-t-lock,medeco CS keyways

• Also available in Small Format Interchangeable Core Prep

•Weather resistant

• Stand-alone touchscreen access locking device

• Interactive voice-guided programming

• Tri-lingual, English/Spanish/French

• 4 AA batteries

Cabinet Key Less Locking System

Monday, April 8th, 2013

StealthLOCK gives new way to lock your cabinet,drawer and doors without a use of a key

this key less cabinet system sold and professionally installed by Lazimi Lock & Key, Torrance ca.this great product allow you to lock all of your valuable without a use of a key. one key pad allow you to operate unlimited numbers of locks with one code.


  • Healthcare Cabinet
  • Office / Home Furniture
  • Retail display cabinet
  • Lockers
  • Kitchen cabinet
  • Desk Drawer
  • Liquor Cabinets

Call Lazimi Lock & Key for a quote or any questions regarding this key less cabinet system. Tel:  310.378.1263

Alarm Lock New Trilogy Remote Release

Monday, March 18th, 2013

Lazimi Lock & Key Glad to offer the new and convenience remote release kit,retrofit wireless Alarm Lock TRILOGY key less access control lock for home ,business or commercial applications. Alarm Lock Trilogy is one of our best seller business & commercial key less entry system .

Now, with a simple kit, you can convert any Alarm Lock TRILOGY key less key fob lock to a remote control access.

  • easy to convert and cost effective
  • use it with you old combination and key
  • call us for a quote and installation cost.

Code it .Electronic Security Handle

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

Code it is the new electronic handle lock from the high security lines of Mul-T-Lock.

code it is an innovative solution which simple reduce opportunities of unauthorized entry.

simple operation 4 to 6 digit code

up to 9 users

does not require electrical outlet

easy replacement for most existing handle types

automatic locking by just closing the door

low cost maintenance up to 100,000 entries

easy and comfortable use for frequent entering and exiting

Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt By Mul-T-Lock

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

KeyLess Entry Made Easy

Yale Real Living is the new Keyless entry deadbolt from Mul-T-Lock High Security Products Line.

the new touchscreen deadbolt require NO wires with illuminated touchscreen for convenient night time entry.

high tech look & feel

adjustable volume level in English, Spanish & French

25 users code without wire

maximum security and restricted keys with Mul-T-Lock high security cylinder

simplex key less and access control locks

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Lazimi lock and key provide locksmith service in Torrance,palos verdes and the entire south bay. We carry the complete line of kaba ilco simplex pushbutton locks and electronic access control keyless entry pin code locks. For more than 38 years lazimi locksmith provide complete sales and installation for all keyless entry application.

Kaba simplex mechanical pushbutton locks eliminate the headaches of replacing and controlling keys by giving you the apporonoty to use locks with no key. Simplex locks are great solution for controlling access between public and private area. All simples locks are professionally installed by lazimi locksmith technicians and come with full warrantee. The locks are ideal for location with personal turnover, apartment complex, employee entrance when restricted security is nedded.simplex provide many products include cabinet locks, file guard for file cabinets, commercial locks and residential locks. Simplex locks require no wire, gives you 100 access codes and extensive audit trail. The simplex solitaire is electronic access control systems and can replace your current door lock. The simplex power lever locks are self powered electronic locks giving you access through pin codes and proximity cards.

Remote Keyless Entry

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

As technology advances more manufacturers design products that make everyday functions easier. We at lazimi locksmith have seen this particularly in the development of the remote keyless entry used in automotive technology. Gone are the days of using one key to open the car door, another to start it and yet a third to open the trunk. Often the repeated use of these keys would cause them to break, bend or become dull losing their shape.

Some may charge that the remote keyless entry was designed to cater to consumer laziness but keyless entry provides convenience and an additional safety measure for users. The remote keyless entry was first offered as an option on various car models in 1983 and became a widespread standard by 1989. The systems operate on radio waves by broadcasting over a certain frequency. The functions typically offered are a standard lock and unlock button that is signaled through the vehicles lighting or announced through its horn.

In addition, many vehicles offer the trunk opening feature which provides additional convenience when carrying packages. The unlocking of the trunk uses springs or hydraulics that allow for the trunk to fully open before arriving at the vehicle. Also, some family vehicles such as mini-vans have similar features for opening the side sliding door, allowing the door to be opened or closed with the push of a button.

Also evident are the safety features of the remote keyless entry. A person entering their vehicle late at night can have their interior light come on upon using the unlock feature and can have the comfort of the alarm being sound if they feel they are in danger by simply holding down the panic button on the remote. This allows for quick entry into the vehicle and less searching for keys in the middle of the night.

These features have made the driving experience more convenient and less stressful and are all easily replaced by a professional locksmith if lost or stolen.

Lazimi locksmith specialized with residential and commercial keyless entry. With over 37 years experience we have the knowledge to fits your needs with a wide range of keyless entry locks.