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Schlage Deadbolt Touchscreen

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

Lazimi locksmith Torrance sale and install the new schlage touchscreen deadbolt. this new deadbolt design give you the feature and convenience of going keyless without a need of a key. the new deadbolt combined the best security feature and the codes can be Easley change .

use touchscreen numbers to get access

or use a key to get access

or use your smartphone for an access

this schlage deadbolt can be lock/unlock using your smartphone.

schlage greenwich handleset

Monday, January 6th, 2014

lazimi locksmith torrance offer the new schlage greenwich handleset one of the new grade 1 residential entry set line from schlage . the new grade 1 residential line build with a rugged metal for better strength and durability to provide maximum residential security.all handlesets suite to fit exciting holes without a need to re-drill. with a stronger bolt, lifetime finish and wide lever and knob design this schlage residential lock is the right choice for home security.

Schalge keypad deadbolts and levers

Thursday, December 19th, 2013

Lazimi Locksmith recommend the Schlage keyless entry locks for residential and commercial applications.we installed many lever locks and dead bolt in palos verdes homes and condo and we got great reviews for this products ideal for front door,garage door,home office,wine cellar or utility closet.
add,delete or change user code in seconds. use up to 19 unique codes.
grade 2 higher residential security rating
metal contraction adds strength security and long life.
wear resistant silicone coated keypad so numbers won’t wear off
no wiring needed- all you need is a screwdriver

Schlage Mortise Cylinders

Saturday, June 11th, 2011

The new schlage two- piece mortise cylinder can be used in commercial and residential doors where the door thickness is more than 2.5 inch thick. Lazimi Locksmith Torrance has the experience and the knowledge to repair and install schlage cylinder locks. Schlage locks can retrofit most of exciting hardware without the need to change the entire lock. Call lazimi locksmith for any of your schlage locks problems.

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