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Baldwin Estate Collection Bristol Handleset

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

lazimi locksmith qualify Baldwin technicians have just install the Baldwin estate collection Bristol handle set on a resident house in Palos verdes,ca.

Baldwin hardware collection is one of the well know decorative hardware in the industry and lazimi locksmith proud to seee,service and install the entire collections including the Baldwin mortise case which come in many styles and finishes, the Baldwin estate collection and the Baldwin image collection.

Lazimi locksmith offer complete locksmith services for all Baldwin locks, Baldwin cylinder rekey, combination change and our mul-t-lock high security cylinder who can fit to most of the Baldwin locks.

Baldwin Locks

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Lazimi locksmith provides complete service and installation for all Baldwin hardware which include the Baldwin Estate collection, Baldwin Image, Baldwin dead bolt, Baldwin knobs, Baldwin cylinders and much more. Out technicians carry more than 15 years experience servicing and installing Baldwin hardware. All work guaranteed.

For more information and pricing please contact us at 310-378-1263

Tools of the Trade

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

Whether in the shop or in the field locksmiths utilize numerous tools to perform their trade. A locksmith must be an expert in all of these tools in order to maintain the standards of operation in their type of industry.


Many devices and equipment are required for installing door locks and other door hardware. A number of different saws will be used in this type of work such as the compass saw, also known as the keyhole saw, a reciprocating saw, mixed sized hole saws which are used with spade bits to install locks on doors and wallboard (drywall) saws are often used.


An assortment of nails and screws (different sizes, types etc) in addition to a screw gun will also be used in installing doors and door hardware along with a shovel, wood glue, a shim pick and utility knives and blades, strike plates and strike boxes of various sizes.


Wood chisels of different sizes are needed when installing locks and other hardware on doors made of wood. Also a locksmith will need a lever, the cylinder removal tool, multiple filler plates, door re-enforcers of various finishes and sizes, a pry bar and a shovel if the need arises.


Acting as a guide, the boring jig is a template for drilling precise cutouts for locks and door hardware and accurate installation holes. Door locks and door hardware may appear to be simple fixes, something replaceable by almost anyone, but you might want to think again when considering proper care and attention that must be given.


All too often owners or handymen find themselves in situations meant for a locksmith and their tools and felt they could handle the task without any sort of error. However, the tools needed might seem familiar and easy to use but the expert precision of a locksmith combined with their experience and tested accuracy are the skills needed to accurately install or change any locks you may have.   

Remote Keyless Entry

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

As technology advances more manufacturers design products that make everyday functions easier. We at lazimi locksmith have seen this particularly in the development of the remote keyless entry used in automotive technology. Gone are the days of using one key to open the car door, another to start it and yet a third to open the trunk. Often the repeated use of these keys would cause them to break, bend or become dull losing their shape.

Some may charge that the remote keyless entry was designed to cater to consumer laziness but keyless entry provides convenience and an additional safety measure for users. The remote keyless entry was first offered as an option on various car models in 1983 and became a widespread standard by 1989. The systems operate on radio waves by broadcasting over a certain frequency. The functions typically offered are a standard lock and unlock button that is signaled through the vehicles lighting or announced through its horn.

In addition, many vehicles offer the trunk opening feature which provides additional convenience when carrying packages. The unlocking of the trunk uses springs or hydraulics that allow for the trunk to fully open before arriving at the vehicle. Also, some family vehicles such as mini-vans have similar features for opening the side sliding door, allowing the door to be opened or closed with the push of a button.

Also evident are the safety features of the remote keyless entry. A person entering their vehicle late at night can have their interior light come on upon using the unlock feature and can have the comfort of the alarm being sound if they feel they are in danger by simply holding down the panic button on the remote. This allows for quick entry into the vehicle and less searching for keys in the middle of the night.

These features have made the driving experience more convenient and less stressful and are all easily replaced by a professional locksmith if lost or stolen.

Lazimi locksmith specialized with residential and commercial keyless entry. With over 37 years experience we have the knowledge to fits your needs with a wide range of keyless entry locks.

The History of the Lock

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

The history of the lock is a very interesting one. The oldest lock discovered by archaeologists at the Khorsabad Palace ruins near Nineveh. The lock was approximately 4000 years old and it was a forerunner to the pin and tumbler type lock and was used commonly in Egyptian times. The lock used a large wooden bolt to secure a door which had a slot with several holes in its upper surface. The holes were filled with wooden pegs that prevented the bolt from being opened.

Also credited with the beginnings of the common day lock are the Romans. Although many are no longer in existence due to the iron metal used rusting and corroding, their keys still exist as they were typically fashioned as rings or necklaces due to the lack of pockets in clothing. Using notched bolt work inside iron cases, the Romans also utilized keys. One type of Roman lock was the warded bit key lock that can still be found in older homes today. Another common Roman lock was the spring loaded lock. During the time of Julius Caesar, locks were in great demand by politicians and successful merchants.

The first major attempt at improving the security of the lock was made by Robert Barron in England in 1778. He patented the double-acting tumbler lock. Over time, different locks were created by famous locksmiths such as Joseph Bramah, James Sargent, Samuel Segal, Harry Soref and many more. Without some of these great locksmiths we would not enjoy the security and privacy that our various locks provide us with.